Congrats to "Captain" Barneszo

For the past few weeks every Tuesday night, while I watch the Bachelorette, Robert has been working to finish getting his boater license. Every time he has worked on it he has referred to it as his captains license, which is crazy because you have to have like a crazy amount of days out to sea and also take a very tough course! Gotta love him. See him finishing up below. lol

I had to look up what it was and what the law is but FYI that by 2025 every person (no matter your age) must have a boater license if you plan on operating a boat. See the requirements I found below the pic :)

"Operators of motorized vessels in California need a California Boater Card, if they are 35 years of age or younger. 

The Boater Card (also called a boat license) requirements are being phased in over a period of 8 years. By January 1st, 2025, all boat operators in California will be required to get certified, no matter their age. 

The Boater Card is required to legally operate any motorized boat, including Personal Watercraft such as a jet-ski or sea-doo. Once obtained, the card is good for life, and does not need to be renewed."

-Taken from