Need Some Good News?

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1. Both parents of a six-month-old baby in India recently tested positive for the virus. So adoctor took care of the babyfor a full month. Now they're all back home.

2. A 22-year-old nurse who's been on the front lines for months just made it into the semifinals of theMiss England pageant. She's also in the British Army Reserves.

3. A guy from Virginia drove 1,400 miles to Bozeman, Montana, just toplay trombone outside his brother's windowwhile he recovers from the virus. Four trombonists from Montana State joined him

4. A retired librarian in Kansas haspersonally made over 1,700 face masks. She gives them out to first responders and anyone else who needs one.

5. A waitress in Indianaleft another waitress a huge tip. A woman who tends bar and waits tables at a different restaurant left a $330 tip on a $35 tab. She did it as part of the "Venmo Challenge," so the money came from people who chipped in online.

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