FOLLOW UP: Alaskan News Anchor Affair & Threats! Check Out the Voicemail!

A news anchor in Anchorage, Alaska posted a video on Friday claiming the mayor posted nude photos to an underage website. That wasn't true . . . but it turned out she'd had an AFFAIR with the mayor. Then she was arrested for punching her station manager . . . who she was also having an affair with.

FOLLOW UP: She left some crazy voicemails! She sounds like.. a winner.


41-year-old Maria Athens is an anchor at the ABC/FOX/CW station in Anchorage, Alaska. Last Friday, she posted a Facebook In the station's control room where she said she had breaking news about how Anchorage's mayor, Ethan Berkowitz, quote, "has his male genitalia posted on an underage girls website.

The video is pretty strange . . . she's talking as if she's doing a news promo, but she seems upset and unfocused, like something is off.

The police and FBI investigated her allegation about the mayor, and they found it wasn't true. But what WAS true is that Maria and Ethan had an affair, which he admitted to on Monday.

And then, after Maria posted the video, she PUNCHED the station manager . . . who she was ALSO having an affair with. She was arrested for assault, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. 

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