CA's COVID-19 Framework Delayed In Riverside County

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA — On the same day thatstate health officials gave Riverside County the OK to reopen more sectors of its economy, the Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 Tuesday in favor of modifying a proposed plan to allowallbusinesses, houses of worship and other entities countywide to fully reopen over the next six weeks, holding off on immediate action to determine how the state will respond.

"This is a way of saying we're for the people of Riverside County," said Supervisor Jeff Hewitt, who introduced the "COVID-19 Reopening Plan. "We're going to be operating in an economy that's going to be crushed. We need to move forward on this and stop putting it off."

The proposal drew more than 70 speakers to the County Administrative Center in downtown Riverside, as well as via telephonic participation, who were overwhelmingly in support of the plan, which will be reconsidered on Oct. 6 after some fine-tuning.

"If we choose a path that is not in line with the state, the state will take a hard line with us," Supervisor Kevin Jeffries said.