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Hi. I don't want to vomit a bunch of personal stuff onto you, but I feel that people should be aware of what is going on around them that most media outlets are not discussing. Breast Implant Illness.. It's a real sickness that some women experience and it affected my family.

Our story. I bought my wife implants, after having babies. I thought it would be a cool gift being that we are finished having children and why not help in bringing her body back after the kids suck the life out of her breasts. Everyone has their opinions about them. Some are for them some against. We desisded to get them bolted on, thought things were going good, but my wife was not feeling very good after the implants. She was feeling sick, her insides felt likey were twisting, the list goes on. One doctor said she is suffering from autoimmune diseases. Then we received a notice from Allergan the implant manufacturer that there is a recall on the implants. All the symptoms my wife was having pointed to these breast implants. It's real. So we had them removed, and my wife is already seeing a difference with her body and the healing process. I am not saying do not get breast implants. I am simply stating a fact that for some women this may be a bad idea. So be careful. My wife is on the road to recovery. Her health is way more important than a look that the world has made some people feel they need to look or feel good. I know she isn't alone. In fact I have a good 30 friends who have all shared similar stories. One even used the same doctor. Be aware.

Mike Dellinger

Mike Dellinger

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