Are You Better Looking, Worse, or the Same as Your Significant Other?

My wife is way hotter than I am. I don't think I am chop liver, but on the scale 1-10 10 being hottest she's defiantly the 100! Here are the samples, one of her from my Valentine's Day gift (BTW Have you seen my wallet?) and my "Dudior" photo shoot I made for her for Christmas 2017. I tried to go the extra mile with showing nipples. I can still do that -right?

Are you better looking than your significant other? And if so is that really a good thing?

According to a new survey, 12% of people say they're more attractive than their significant other . . . 18% say their partner is better looking . . . and 34% say they're equally attractive.

For what it's worth, men are more than twice as likely to say their partner is more attractive than they are.(YouGov)

That's the wallet she had made for me. "Bitch better have my Money"..

and the pants I had made for her.. I think she hates to wear them.

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