82-Year-Old Woman on Tinder Gets Action! Would You.. You Know..?

There's an 82-year-old woman named Hattie Retroage in New York City. And even at 82, her dating and sex life is way better than yours.

She says she goes on three Tinder dates a week with MUCH younger men. And she has no trouble landing them because, quote, "I have never met a man who doesn't want to [eff] me."

Looking at her photos, she doesn't look 82.. 75 max.

Anyway, she says she's been single for 35 years and the average guy she dates is in his 50s.. although the last guy she got-it-on with was 39.

So what is a date with her like? Quote, "We go out for a drink, and if the chemistry is right, we go to my apartment. If not, then we just leave each other.

Oh, and she also says she loves porn and always congratulates guys when they get aroused.

She sounds like a sure deal..

Question.. Would you? Could you be ok with this the next day?

-Might break a hip.. like really , grab her to pull her close, it might break. Just saying.

(Daily Mail

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