Banning Music? What About Eating Booty Like Groceries? Lol

I love music.

 A pretty good reason why I chose to be a DJ. Now we live in a society that wants to make some changes, speak out, and fight for what's right and it looks like music will get its dose of it. 

We learned that a radio station removed "Baby it's Cold Outside" because of the under lined tones in the song. Dude is chasing the tail, and might be thinking about slipping her a roofie. I will admit, even as a small child it didn't sit with me either. What other songs are out there that follow suite? Do we need to go down the list? 

 Based off people crying online here is a list of other songs the masses are.. opinionated about. 

What song bothers you?

I think that most of the current hip hop is trash. What about eating booty like groceries lol! 

What about Mommy making out with Santa! Should we wake up Daddy so he can punch him out? Will I still get toys? OMG  our kids will have issues! 

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