Today is National Best Friends' Day.  

Here are some stats from a new survey in honor of the holiday . . .

1.  Only 15% of people say they don't have a best friend.  46% have one, and 39% have more than one.

2.  It's really hard to make a best friend once you're an adult.  Only 11% of people say they met their best friend after they were done with school. 

3.  24% met their best friend in elementary school . . . 18% in middle school . . . 24% in high school . . . and 16% in college.  Oh, and 8% met theirs in PRESCHOOL.

4.  If you had to pick which family member is your best friend, 43% say it'd be their significant other . . . 19% say their dog . . . 19% say their mom . . . 14% pick a sibling . . . 11% say their dad . . . and 9% say their cat.

5.  And finally, 22% of people have owned one of those "Best Friends" necklaces with two halves of a heart . . . and 16% have made a friendship bracelet.

These are just some of the BFF's in my core. I have a mighty handful of people I hold close to my chest. Even though we don't talk everyday, you moved away, or I don't have a pic of us, we always pick up where we left off.. sometimes it's picking up in a really awkward conversation like "Mike why did you take Jeanette's camera and take a picture of your poop and blame it on the neighbor kid?" -Brian Miles, the year: 2000. 


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