Q103.3 Rising Star Winners: HaHa Halfway!

This year we had so many amazing bands send in their tracks to get in on the Rising Star contest to play at the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival celebrating 35 years! I don't want to sound like I am blowing smoke, but I whole hardheartedly want to thank ALL the bands who submitted the music, it was really a plethora of very talented musicians. 

One of our two spots went to the band Haha Halfway, a Temecula/ So Cal group who got in the contest late but almost over night the fans spoke, and said "Q1033 put Haha Halfway on the stage!." with a voice that was the sound of a ton of mouse clicks, keyboards typing and facebook messages. I cannot wait to see you guys rock the stage. Ryan D the band's vocals/guitarist is no stranger to the Q1033 contests, he has been super aggressive in getting in front of us through out my 13 years here at Q1033. Totally excited to get you guys up there man! Saturday June 2 in the mid day!

Check out Haha Halfway's pages! 

Here for FB

 Here for Youtube

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