Parent at a PTA Meeting Brings a Knife to Prove a Point

Video of Rocky Point PTA meeting March 14 appears to show attendee pull out a pocket knife to make a point about school safety to a student in attendance. 

In my opinion, this is something serious that we are dealing with. What he did is a little bit much HOWEVER, he is trying to prove a point. It is extremely easy to smuggle any weapon. This kid needs to chill out and understand the unorthodox point here. He pulled out a knife, not a switchblade first of all, he did not threaten the kid with it, he merely stated a fact, brought a weapon, what are you going to do. I get it it. We need to toughen up as a country stop crying about change and not be prepared to get dirty and work together. I really feel like we shelter our kids way too much, I may be guilty too, but I do have the "old school mentality" confront your bully, stand your ground, stop shouting and crying and get in and make a change. The kids walking out of class to protest, I am not on board with.  But someone needs to take a stand and make ish happen, I don't see any leaders jumping up to lead the charge..

I don't believe that teachers should be armed. Not every teacher is ready or sane to carry. I agree something must be done, but our school system already has problems paying out teachers a decent wage to survive, I don't see how they will fun security for our students. I do know there is a man in the Temecula Valley who is trying to help. I need to find his page and share. 

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