A-Hole of the Day: Queens of the Stone Age Singer Josh Homme

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE was playing a holiday concert in L.A. on Saturday when singer JOSH HOMME kicked a female photographer in the face, in the middle of a song, apparently for no reason. Her name is Chelsea Lauren, and she was standing right up front.  Josh walked over to her side of the stage . . . then he started walking away . . . but back-tracked a step . . . and kicked her camera INTO HER FACE.

There's video of it happening, and it's hard to believe he didn't do it intentionally.  Chelsea says it was unprovoked, and that he was even SMILING right before he kicked her.

Naturally, she was shaken up, and returned to the press room.  She stayed to photograph 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse later in the concert . . . but ultimately, she went to the hospital to get checked out.  She'll be okay.

Last night, Josh apologized.  He said, quote, "While in a state of being lost in performance, I kicked over various lighting and equipment on our stage.  Today it was brought to my attention that this included a camera held by [Chelsea].

"I didn't mean for that to happen and I'm very sorry.  I'd never intentionally cause harm to anyone working at or attending one of our shows, and I hope Chelsea will accept my sincere apology."

For what it's worth, Josh was acting erratically all night.  Shortly after kicking Chelsea, he pulled out a sharp object and cut his own forehead . . . creating a wound that bled for the rest of the show.  (Here's UNCENSORED video.)

He also called the audience, quote, "retards" . . . and shouted, quote, "[Eff] Muse."  Muse was the night's headlining act.

Josh also encouraged the crowd to boo him . . . told everyone to "take their pants off" . . . and said, quote, "I want to give you all a night you'll never remember."

So perhaps not surprisingly, there's some speculation that Josh was ON SOMETHING.

As for Chelsea, she says she walked away with bruises and a sore neck.  She posted three photos . . . two which were taken just before he kicked her, and one from a little later when he cut his forehead.  In the caption, she said, quote, "Assault in any form is not okay . . . alcohol and drugs are no excuse."

Mike Dellinger

Mike Dellinger

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