Dad Wants a High School to Change Its Mascot, Because of Genitalia!

A guy named Kyle Fraughton is a parent in Farmington, Utah, and the high school just decided on a new mascot on November 1st:  The Phoenix.

But when Kyle and the other members of the community were cheering for the team, they realized "Phoenix" sounds like "penis."  And the plural of Phoenix is "Phoenices," with sounds even MORE like "penises."

So he just started an online petition to get the school to pick a new name.

Quote, "We were horrified to hear that the phonetics of the word 'Phoenices' are far too close to the word 'penises.'  I don't mean to be crass, but don't want there to be confusion around the point I'm trying to make."

So far his online petition has over 3,000 signatures.



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