Kid Rock Says He Isn't Running for the Senate and Mocks You for Believing

KID ROCK admitted that he was just JOKING about running for the Senate.  He said, quote, "[Eff] no, I'm not running for Senate.  Are you [effing] kidding me?" Apparently, it was a publicity stunt to hype his upcoming album, "Sweet Southern Sugar".

Of course, Kid spent a lot of time LYING about it including in July when he ripped the media for calling it a publicity stunt, and insisted, quote, "This is NOT a hoax."  But to recap, this WAS a publicity stunt, and it WAS a hoax.

So, who's slingin' the fake news now?  And just to be clear, there was NEVER a time when he was sincere about it.

The new album he's hyping is called "Sweet Southern Sugar", and it does come out on November 3rd.  It's available for pre-order now.

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